Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus spoke to PEOPLE in 2006 for the premiere of Hannah Montana
Credit: SGranitz/WireImage

brightcove.createExperiences(); It’s hard to believe it’s been only 10 years since a 13-year-old Miley Cyrus broke out of her country singer father‘s shadow with her hit Disney show Hannah Montana.

“Miley used to be bummed being thought of as ‘Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter,’ ” the elder Cyrus told PEOPLE in a 2006 interview just after the premiere of their sitcom, which ran for almost five years. “Now I’m getting ready to be known as ‘Miley Cyrus’s dad.’ ”

Here is their 2006 PEOPLE interview for your nostalgic pleasure:

Miley, how did you get into acting?
Miley: I did three episodes of Doc [Her dad’s PAX show, which ran for four years]. Then I got cast in Tim Burton’s Big Fish. Then I got Hannah Montana.
Billy Ray: She’s leagues above me. I feel like I’m watching Lucille Ball.
Miley: I get to do crazy stuff I wouldn’t normally get away with, like pour Chinese food all over him. And when you got that load of cake in the face!
Billy Ray: I see a theme.
Miley: I talk to the writers and make sure he gets hit with something at least twice a week.

Billy Ray, do you miss your mullett since cutting it off in 2004?
Billy Ray: I really do. I recently wrote a song called “I Want My Mullett Back.”
Miley: That beautiful mullett!

What’s the worst part of the job?
Miley: To be honest, it’s the drive to the studio. He talks the entire way – and I just want to listen to my music.
Billy Ray: That’s not true!

The best part?
Billy Ray: I get to see Miley grow as an actress and a human being.
Miley: I hate it when he talks like this.
Billy Ray: She’s kicking me and pinching me under the table right now.

Reporting by CHAMP CLARK