Yes, Miley Cyrus Really Did Pass Around a Joint and Unripe Avocados After the VMAs

Miley Cyrus brought a bit of her cannabis cheer to photographers in the VMAs press room, along with a bag of avocados

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Never fear, Miley Cyrus is here – and she comes bearing gifts.

After hosting the MTV VMAs in array of wonderfully bizarre outfits (and facing the ire of Nicki Minaj in an unscripted feud) Cyrus hit the post-show press room to share her post-show joint.

Arriving in a pink latex dress that was both skin-hugging and inflatable, Cyrus, 22, grabbed a mic and went way off script, saying to the waiting group of photographers, “Because you’re all my friends and my song is kind of, sort of about the love of marijuana, slash, the love of human kind, I brought a little joint if anyone would like any!”

The singer/actress/fervent cannabis supporter then proceeded to light up what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette, take a few puffs before passing it on to the cheering and laughing photo crew.

Cyrus then held up the Jeremy Scott-designed Moonman trophy that she had been handed and quipped, “I didn’t actually win one of these, they just give it to you for free because you host, so that I just wanted to clear up for you guys.”

She then added, laughing as she took hold of the microphone that was meant to be used for interview questions, “I’ve been hosting, so i just got used to the microphone and talking to people like they give a f—, so I’m going to just keep doing it in my normal life also Thank you very much! I’ve been taking notes from Kanye!”

Then “Wrecking Ball” singer then stepped out of the press tent only to return moments later with a canvas tote bag. Cyrus said she was “bearing more gifts” and began to hand out unripe avocados to photographers and reporters.

Asked about her free, downloadable new album, which she announced at the end of the show, the singer said, “Have an avocado!”

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