Mila Kunis Explains to Jimmy Kimmel Why Men Can't Say 'We're Expecting' (VIDEO)

"You're not pregnant," Kunis explains to the late-night host. "We are"


Mila Kunis does not approve of the royal “we” in certain situations. Chief among them: Being pregnant.

Kunis, 30, guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, and she took mock umbrage at Kimmel’s saying that he and his wife were expecting.

In fact, she used the opportunity to launch into an elaborate PSA.

“We can’t have anything, because we’ve got your little love-goblin growing inside of us,” Kunis fumes, before a bevy of pregnant women emerge from behind her to say, “You’re not pregnant – we are.”

Kunis apparently has had fewer issues with fiancé Ashton Kutcher – she told Ellen DeGeneres that Kutcher prepared for her pregnancy by “stock[ing] our secondary ‘fridge with weird food like anchovies and ice creams, just in case.”

Watch the full clip below. And, guys, in the future, please be sure to avoid the royal “we.”

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