While urging fans to be vigilant about their health, the comedian also cracked a few jokes

By Lanford Beard
July 25, 2016 03:00 PM
Mike O'Brien Instagram

Mike O’Brien is not joking when it comes to his health.

The Saturday Night Live alum posted a series of pre- and post-op photos of himself undergoing surgery on his face Sunday, sharing his own family history with skin cancer and raising awareness so fans might be more vigilant about their own health.

“A couple weeks ago those two little red bumps under my right eye were diagnosed as melanoma, a skin cancer that has taken multiple people in my extended family,” he wrote on Instagram. “If you have a family history of skin cancer, you should get checked at a dermatologist every 3-6 months.”

O’Brien, 40, also joked about how a more invasive surgery than he was anticipating could impact his job as a performer.

“As I was being wheeled off for surfer, my friend Shelly said to the nurse, ‘Do they know he’s a performer so some of his income is from on-camera work?’ And the nurse said, ‘Okee doke we’ll mention it to the surgeon,’ as I faded out,” he wrote.

He continued, “Now, I doubt they have a special version of this surgery for guys with popular web series’.. But obviously taking the bandage off and seeing this was a bummer.”

He added, “The great news was that they had removed 2 lymph nodes from my neck and the cancer had not spread to those! I forced myself to do 4 stand up sets in 3 nights to get over the embarrassment of the scar.

O’Brien shared another photo from a subsequent surgery he had to undergo seven days later, admitting that it left him a little “crabbier” than his previous two procedures.

And though it was an ordeal, he summed up, “But [I] survived a 2nd surgery and was thankful to the friends who had come along.”