Dr. Evil isn't thrilled with North Korea

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 21, 2014 10:30 AM

Mike Meyers is back! Temporarily! And just for one sketch! But it’s been 10 years since Goldmember – did you ever think you’d see Dr. Evil again? Neither did we.

We love Sam Smith as much as anyone, but the idea of “Sam Smith’s Very Somber Christmas” is hilarious. And a cameo from Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil, decrying North Korea’s attempt at evil? That’s gold. It helps that Meyers is visibly thrilled to be back.

Amy Adams started the evening by trying to up the crowd’s holiday cheer with a song, with a special guest appearance by Kristen Wiig, who’s been on SNL so much since technically leaving the show that it seems like she just has a cot somewhere in the back of the studio.

Funny or Die may have gotten to Serial first, but SNL‘s parody has Cecily Strong’s impression of Sarah Koenig, which is uncanny. All together, everyone: “Mailkimp.”

We assume you’ve already had your office Christmas party – was it anything like this one? Did the shy girl from payroll start “sort of dancing?” There’s not much to this sketch other than a semi-musical litany of Christmas party tropes, but isn’t that really all you need?

We’ll find any excuse to cover this sketch whenever it returns. And Adams makes a wonderful dowdy cat lady – is that a compliment? (She does break at one point, but you try staying in character with Kate McKinnon making cat puns next to you.)

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: One Direction performs “Ready to Run.”

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