July 10, 2018 03:00 PM

Following the news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire at the end of the month, comedian Michelle Wolf took to her Netflix show The Break to share her thoughts on legalized abortion.

“Access to abortion is good and important,” she said. “Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening. It’s like Back to the Future and abortion is the DeLorean. Everyone loves DeLoreans.”

Kennedy was a swing vote in favor of abortion rights, so his departure has sparked concern that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

During the 6-minute clip, which included a “salute to abortions,” Wolf notes that around one in four women will have the procedure by age 45, and adds, “I know that some people call themselves pro-life but pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice cream… Get the terminology straight. First of all, these people are anti-abortion, which means they are anti-woman. If these people were actually pro-life, they would be fighting hard for healthcare, childcare, education, gun control and protecting the environment. But these anti-abortion people do not care about life, they just care about birth.”

On Monday, President Trump announced his decision to nominate Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy.

Netflix releases new episodes of The Break with Michelle Wolf every Sunday.

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