"How cool is it that she's a fan of the show?" the Biggest Loser host writes

By Alison Sweeney
April 12, 2012 07:30 AM
Credit: David Glesbrecht/NBC

How impressive was Mrs. Obama this week during the Biggest Loser workout at the White House? When I first heard about the contestant, their families and the First Lady having a workout with Bob and Dolvett, I assumed the guys would go easy on them and on her.

How wrong was I? Mrs. Obama was an inspiration in talking to the contestants about her Let’s Move! initiative and in her personal fitness. Plus, how cool is it that she’s a fan of the show?

Because of my shooting schedule at Days, I was unable to travel with the show to D.C., so it was fun to join all of you in being a viewer of the episode instead of a participant. As I watched, I was touched by how Mrs. Obama knew the journeys of the contestants and how she could continue to inspire them in their final weeks on campus.

Plus, by explaining her initiative, she empowered the contestants to pay it forward by also joining her movement. The message was particularly impactful with Conda’s 2-year-old working out beside her, Buddy holding his baby in his arms and the rest of the contestants all being surrounded by their families.

I couldn’t help but laugh as Mrs. Obama reminded Bob and Dolvett that she had the Secret Service watching her. And how fun was she during the workout? From asking Bob why he was standing near her to wanting a towel, it was so fun to see such levity with her and with the contestants, who clearly had a life-altering experience with her.

Unfortunately, that moment was short-lived for Chris as her personal battle with food took a turn for the worse after she spoke with Roy. While it was hard to watch Chris regress, it’s a common problem for many people, and one that requires the compassion and understanding that Bob demonstrated upon hearing of her actions. Hopefully she won’t make those bad choices again.

Clearly Chris’s diet choices impacted her week with her gaining 2 lbs. while everyone else lost. It’s unfortunate, but the good news is that she knew to make herself a priority when she got home and she’s continuing to do well.

My favorite moment of the week was Kim opening up once she realized that she wasn’t alone and that Buddy was standing up for her. Kim has been so tough and guarded throughout the journey and to see her with a big smile on her face and showing vulnerability was an incredible moment of transformation.

Remember to log onto nbc.com/pala and make your commitment for 6 consecutive weeks of eating healthy and getting active (30 min of activity for adults and 60 min for kids), alongside one of the remaining contestants. You will be changing your life, and you’ll help pay it forward with a gym being built in the community of the most popular contestant.

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