The First Lady says, "The one thing people don't realize is ... "

By Lanford Beard
Updated March 16, 2015 11:35 AM
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

When the White House door closes, a whole lot of windows open for Michelle Obama.

When she wasn’t getting her "Uptown Funk" on during Monday’s visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the First Lady discussed the changes she’s expecting when she, husband Barack and daughters Malia and Sasha leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the end of her husband’s presidential tenure.

“The one thing people don’t realize is, we can’t do little things like open windows,” said Obama, 51, who also noted that the windows of the White House itself are permanently sealed. “I look forward to getting in a car and rolling down the window and just letting the air hit my face.”

She continued, “I haven’t been in a car with the windows open in about seven years – if you can imagine that. So I’m going to spend that first year just hanging out the window!”

It’s a time of change in general for the Obamas, Michelle told Ellen DeGeneres, starting with Malia – a junior in high school – setting her sights on college.

“Malia in particular wants to know where her college fund check is,” FLOTUS kidded with “Aunty Ellen,” 57.

Meanwhile, Sasha, 13, is having as close to a typical teenage experience as possible – she and her sister, 16, are “still sweet, they still kind of like us, but they generally don’t want to spend any time with us.”

Then again, maybe the girls have a reason to shy away from dear old dad.

Michelle (who celebrated 22 years of marriage with her husband in October) was exactly as diplomatic as you’d expect when addressing the president’s habits – though she had to admit that even the leader of the free world has a few annoying quirks.

“What I’ve come to find is, you don’t sweat the small stuff,” she said. “The journey that we’ve taken together, the fun we’ve had, the challenges we’ve faced, the two beautiful children that we’re raising – I kind of give him a pass now when he leaves his socks on the floor or tells that story for the one hundredth time and wants us to laugh at it as if we first heard it.”

Another story that won’t be changing?

When DeGeneres asked if Michelle or the girls would ever consider a career in politics, the First Lady answered emphatically, “No. Absolutely not.”

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