Matthew & Mary Shippers Rejoice! 'Downton Abbey' 's Michelle Dockery Teases She and Dan Stevens 'Might Have Another Reunion'

A reunion may be in sight for the fan favorite couple


Could it be – Mary and Matthew, together again?

The fan-favorite Downton Abbey couple, whose marriage came to an abrupt end when Matthew (Dan Stevens) was killed in a car crash during the final episode of season 3, reunited back in August at a special BAFTA event in the show’s honor.

And Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary on the hit show, says that another reunion may be on the horizon. The actress, who is in New York City to promote the show’s final season, told PEOPLE Now Friday that she was trying connect with her former costar while in town.

“I think he’s in New York now, so we’re trying to get a hold of him,” said Dockery, 33. “We might have another reunion.”

The former on-screen lovebirds shared many scenes together during Downton‘s first three seasons, and despite his controversial exit, Dockery insists there’s no bad blood between them.

“It’s always so lovely to see him,” she says. “I’m not angry at him or anything. I love him so much.”

Branson lovers also have something to get excited about. Allen Leech admitted to PEOPLE Now that even though his character left Downton at the end of the fifth season to move to America, he couldn’t stay away for long.

Downton was always a place he found difficult to call his home,” said Leech, 34. “It might have taken a journey away to the other side of the world to realize where his heart really belongs.”

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But the answer is a little less clear it comes to the biggest question of all: Will there be a Downton movie?

“It’ll depend on the script, and whether we can get enough of back together,” Leech says.

“We’ll see,” Dockery says. “There’s definitely potential.”

Kevin Doyle, who plays Joseph Molesley, however, is less optimistic: “Don’t hold your breath.”

Too late, Kevin! Too late.

Downton Abbey returns for its sixth and final season Jan. 3 on PBS Masterpiece.

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