June 07, 2018 03:18 PM

Michelle Collins isn’t afraid to find all the deepest secrets hidden in your phone.

The comedian is the host of PeopleTV’s new show Search History, in which she goes up to random people on the street and asks to go through their device. As terrifying as the concept sounds, Collins puts a positive spin on it that results in some hilarious conversations.

“I never wanted to make anyone uncomfortable — I wanted them to have a good time, but there were definitely moments where we would, like, find pornography on a librarian,” Collins admits. “Or some lovely, very discreet lady and she would have hardcore pornography on her phone. So there were some reveals for sure!”

Michelle Collins on Search History

But it wasn’t just the search history that raised eyebrows.

“The selfie folder was always a minefield, or just the photo folder in general,” Collins says. “Obviously, everyone has double-chin selfies and hideous pictures. But naked spouses? I wasn’t expecting that.”

Search History is streaming on PeopleTV now. For more with Collins, check out the Michelle Collins Show every morning live from 8-10AM on Sirius XM.

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