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January 15, 2015 06:35 AM

With Michael Strahan serving as the host of the 2015 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Thursday, the Live With Kelly and Michael star says the vibe at the show will be anything but stuffy.

“We’ll keep it light and easy,” he tells PEOPLE. “You just go there and have fun with it. I like to be spontaneous; not that there won’t be a script, but who knows what will come out of my mouth!”

While he’s no stranger to being on camera, the talk show host and former NFL player, 43, admits he still gets nervous prepping for the big night.

“A little bit of nerves and trepidation is good for you,” says Strahan. “It makes you focused and on point and gets you on your game.”

But when it comes to post-show party plans, Strahan is headed straight for the bar.

“I will find the closest place that has a cocktail and I will partake,” he says. “Definitely gotta go out and enjoy the party, and I’ll make sure that I have enough cocktails to calm myself down from all the nervousness that I experienced before the awards.”

His drink of choice?

“I’ve always been a big tequila lover. You can’t go wrong with it,” he says. “Sometimes straight with lime on the rocks, sometimes in a shot form, sometimes mixed up in a margarita, it just makes me happy.”

The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards airs Thursday at 9 ET/6 PT on A&E, where attending stars can interact with one another using Twitter and Vine with the first-ever Social Centerpiece. Fans at home can follow the back-and-forth banter and mingle with the stars using #CriticsChoice.

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