Michael Strahan told E! News he's having an "incredible experience" on the ABC morning show

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated October 20, 2016 10:19 AM

Michael Strahan is loving his new role at Good Morning America — but there’s one tiny downside.

“You know what?” Strahan, 44, told E! News Tuesday at the New York Fatherhood Lunch benefiting GOOD+ Foundation. “I don’t know if you ever adjust to getting up, waking up so early — I don’t know if that’s possible, but I enjoy going in there!”

Strahan, who left his co-hosting post ABC’s Live in May, made his official debut on GMA full-time in September.

And despite the early morning wake-up call, the former football star told E! News things are going “great” and he’s having an “incredible experience.”

“I look forward to being there,” he added. “It’s fun because it’s new, it’s exciting and I’m learning so much, and I work with great people.”

So what’s his advice for someone trying to crack into the business?

“Work hard, and be open to where it takes you,” said Strahan.

In his exclusive PEOPLE cover interview last month, the father of four reflected on his journey over the past few years.

“I never knew I could accomplish so much,” he admitted. “But my parents never act surprised. They look at me as if there’s no limit. That helped me feel like there’s no limit.”

The star said he was looking forward to the challenge of his new position.

“It’s so interesting because I never thought I would be doing this,” he said of pivoting to handle the hard news of GMA. “And it’s not easy, trust me. It requires a lot of work, and I work my butt off. Even after 15 years in the NFL and nine years on TV, I still approach every day feeling that there’s something new to learn.”

“My goal is not to be famous,” he added. “My goal is to enjoy doing what I do and do it well, and make my family, kids, parents proud. Let’s see where life goes after that.”