Streep made her move after Ruffalo delivered a perfectly smooth line

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated January 17, 2015 11:20 AM
Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Photos/ABACA

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Meryl Streep more than you already do, she goes ahead and does this.

The Into the Woods actress grabbed Mark Ruffalo for an impromptu smooch when they both appeared recently on The Graham Norton Show.

Streep, 65, was moved to make her, well, move while she was discussing how she felt disheartened when she was offered three witch roles after turning 40.

“So a lot has changed in the last five years for you,” Ruffalo, 47, said.

Streep was so impressed by Ruffalo’s smooth line that she grabbed him and planted a massive kiss on his lips, much to his delight.

“I’ve been looking for an excuse [to kiss him] all night,” Streep quipped as she fixed her hair.

While Ruffalo appeared to be very pleased by the kiss, we have to say that James McAvoy, who was seated on the couch with the other stars, looked a little left out.

Either way, playing the witch paid off for Streep this year as she landed a historic 19th Oscar nomination on Thursday for her role in Into the Woods.