The L.A. waitress and William Holman open up about what went down on the show

By Carrie Bell
August 31, 2011 05:30 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)

Melissa Schreiber, a 32-year-old waitress, and cell phone salesman William Holman, 30, got the ax instead of the rose on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor Pad. They spoke to reporters via conference call about their disadvantages, dramas – and the deserving contestants they’re hoping will win.

If you could get a redo, how would you change your strategy?
William: I think I played the game pretty well but I wasn’t as competitive as other people. The only thing I would change was the last night. I would have tried to convince everybody that I was worth keeping around and Kasey should have been voted off. Because I laid low, it was easy for people to say, “Let’s take William out. We don’t want to hurt Kasey’s feelings. He’ll definitely say something to us.”
Melissa: Do I wish I had done things differently [and] chosen a different partner in the beginning? Absolutely.

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Melissa, was there any blowback in your real life over the drama on the show?
Melissa: Not at all. My friends and family have been so supportive. They know that I’m not that emotional outside of the Bachelor world. It’s so funny. Every episode, I get like 50 text messages saying, “Who are you? We don’t recognize you on TV.” For some reason, when in the Bachelor house, I’m overly emotional.
William: Don’t beat yourself up too much. That’s who you are. You can be upset if a guy breaks your heart. That’s real emotion. Blake played with her heart. Just own it and be okay with it.
Melissa: I’m disappointed. I never fall for people after that short amount of time. I think it was just that environment and wanting to have a partner to get through the game with so badly.

Do you still have feelings for Blake?
Melissa: I have no feelings whatsoever. I’m over it. He’s still Tweeting nasty things about me. We had some email correspondence that was very passive aggressive on his end. I just want to be done with him. Blake is not the kind of human being I would want to be with. He’s not a good person.

Both of you had public opinion problems or roommate issues while on Bachelor and Bachelorette. Why put yourself back out there?
William: It was different for me. I felt more relaxed. It didn’t feel as orchestrated. There was a lot less pressure. You got to hang out with the guys and there wasn’t one girl we were all going after. I was a lot more myself on Pad.
Melissa: I was asked and said no several times. I didn’t agree until two weeks prior to flying out. I came on to repair my image, which obviously did not work, and to win the money.

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Is a Kasey-Vienna win inevitable?
William: [They were the] only true power couple in the beginning. When you have three couples in the end, more than likely they’ll vote Kasey and Vienna off. I can see whoever is left in the end saying, “It’s time for them to go.”
Melissa: Kasey and Vienna knew what they are doing. They came into this playing the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to the final two couples.

Who would you like to see win?
Melissa: I love Kasey and Vienna so much but Michelle Money is like a sister to me. I would like to see her in the end.
William: The two people I have incredible respect for are Michelle and Ella. They’re both single mothers. Taking care of kids is one of the most difficult things in life, so $250,000 would definitely help them.