Melissa Rycroft's Blog: Pucker Up! It's 'Bachelor Pad' 's Kissing Contest

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Hi gang!

A lot of you felt that last week we walked up to the line of what viewers want to see on TV with the graphic pie-eating contest. Well this week, we got even closer to the line with the much-anticipated kissing contest. We at Bachelor Pad like to bring you all the action up close and personal – for better or worse! We saw messy kisses, passionate kisses and downright gross kisses. I can’t wait to hear what you all thought of it.

It was interesting to see some of the girls struggle with kissing and being kissed by all of the guys. For the guys, it was a no-brainer. Gia struggled with it because she has a boyfriend at home. But on the flip side she said, “I really want to win this contest because there’s money on the line.” She ultimately decided to go for it and lined up with the other women, blindfolded, to have each of the guys kiss her. But when it was her turn to walk down the line of blindfolded guys and kiss them, she couldn’t do it. She felt she had morally crossed a line and decided to pull out of the competition. Ashley sat out because she’s a schoolteacher and she knew that her kids might see the show. So both Gia and Ashley put themselves on the chopping block by sitting out.

The others willingly participated and, for the most part, seemed to have a good time. Throughout the contest, I alternated between giggling and cringing. There was one time I was a bit disappointed and that’s when Elizabeth kissed Jonathan, a.k.a. the Weatherman. She passionately laid a kiss on him, and then made a huge production about how grossed out she was. She spit and wiped off her mouth like it was so awful. I was disappointed she couldn’t be a little more mature about it all. And I felt bad for the Weatherman. He’s such a nice guy and he didn’t deserve that.

In the end, David and Peyton won. They each received immunity from elimination and got to go on three-on-one dates. David chose Natalie, Krisily and Nikki to accompany him to Las Vegas. Natalie knew she would have a lot of fun with David and I think maybe she thought he might have chemistry with him. Krisily seemed to have a little crush on him and tried to hint at that during their one-on-one time but I’m not sure he got it. He schmoozed Nikki, but ultimately picked Natalie to stay overnight in the fantasy suite. Who knows what happened there …

Peyton’s date was to the Irwindale Drag Strip. She chose Jesse K., Jesse B. and Kiptyn, which caused some tension in the house. Tenley got upset because she has claimed Kiptyn for herself. Elizabeth was upset because she has a little something for Jesse K.

The date began at the drag strip – how can you go wrong with hot guys and fast cars? Peyton talked to Kiptyn and expressed her concern that he was connected to Tenley. He told a little white lie and said he wasn’t. The same thing happened with Jesse K. when he was questioned about his ties to Elizabeth. And then we saw Jesse B. talking with Peyton, saying he could really see himself with her. No wonder he was chosen to spend the night in the fantasy suite with Peyton. Again, only Peyton and Jesse B. know what happened there.

At the rose ceremony, Gia was feeling the heat and needed to get one more guy to vote in her favor, so she went to Kiptyn in hopes of swaying him. But ultimately, I think she went to the wrong person. We saw a budding relationship forming between Gia and Wes, and, depending on who you are and how you interpreted things, a line or two may have been crossed. They both seemed to have an undeniable connection, so much so that Wes went out of his way to tell the guys not to eliminate her. He told – even Jesse K. – to vote against Elizabeth, which put a target on his back. In the end, it was a tie between Elizabeth and Gia. The tie-breaking vote was cast by David, who sent Gia packing.

The Weatherman was sent home, too, and that’s probably because he didn’t have an alliance to save him. So now we’re down to 13 in the mansion as we head into episode four. Next week, you’ll see a questionnaire game. Just remember when you’re watching the episode that what you see is everyone strategically playing the game because they want to win. Some get hurt. Emotions run high. But in the end, the name of the game is to stay in the game. Until next week!

Hugs, –Melissa Rycroft

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