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September 07, 2010 01:00 AM

This week started off with a hefty helping of drama on Bachelor Pad. We had 11 contestants in the house – seven women and four men – and as we promised the contestants would happen, the time finally came when we had to level the playing field. In the world of Bachelor Pad, that meant saying goodbye to three women at the top of the show so that there would be an even number of men and women left.

The panic that came over the girls was palpable as they all packed their bags and readied for the “spin the bottle” challenge. Once again, a twist was involved with the guys determining who would stay. Tenley, Elizabeth and Natalie all breathed a sigh of relief, while the other women tried to fight back the emotion of knowing that their time was almost certainly coming to an end.

It was hard to watch the women struggle with their impending fate … they had come so far along. I felt badly as Nikki, Ashley and Gwen walked to their limos and left the mansion. They were great women in search of love and possibly winning the game – but they didn’t and it was sad.

Once the women were gone, it was interesting to see how the dynamic changed since the contestants will now be competing as couples against each other for the remainder of the show.

A water balloon toss may sound simple, but it was most certainly not! The couples were so far away from each other and the balloons were wet, making them slippery. Kiptyn and Tenley seemed to work best together because they talked with each other calmly. Peyton was a bundle of nerves and dropped a couple of balloons, forcing her and Beck out early. Ultimately, it was Natalie and David who emerged victorious and went on a celebratory date. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Kovacks, losers at balloon toss, proved to be winners as they hooked up later that night.

Given that David and Natalie were safe, one of the other couples was going to have to go. The house started plotting: Chris informed everyone that while they were competing as couples, they would vote individually on who would leave the house. Can you say tension? Just when folks thought they had at least one solid person to count on, the tide changed.

At the rose ceremony, everyone almost looked mad except for Kovacks and Elizabeth, so I knew something had happened. It came down to Elizabeth/Kovacks or Peyton/Beck. I couldn’t tell how to read the group. No one was making eye contact and everyone looked upset. After Elizabeth and Kovacks’s names were called, Natalie did NOT look happy!! And neither did Tenley. Natalie was shooting daggers from her eyes!! My oh my! Next week will be interesting….

Hugs, –Melissa Rycroft

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