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April 26, 2010 12:00 AM

Dancing with the Stars alumni Melissa Rycroft and Joey Fatone are dusting off their dancing shoes to return to the ballroom for a performance on May 18. “I’ve never done tango,” Rycroft says. “We’re doing a dance I’ve never done before.”

The pair, who were in New York to kick off Orlando’s World Smile Search, tell PEOPLE they’re happy to perform as returning stars rather than having to face the judges’ scores. “It’s going to be fun,” Fatone says. “They’re not really judging us, so if we screw up, we screw up.”

Given the limited time they have to rehearse, that’s always a possibility: “We literally have five days,” Fatone reveals. “We’re going to need a little bit more time depending on how intricate the dance actually is.”

Fatone may have even more to worry about. First, Rycroft says her new husband, Tye Strickland, will be in the audience and plans to turn the heat on Fatone. “He will make him nervous,” she says. “He’s an intimidating guy. He’s 6’2 with dimples and blue eyes.”

Also, Fatone has a disclaimer about his weight: “Please tell I’m not huge,” he says. “When I’m on screen, they’re probably going to go, ‘Wow, he’s so big!’ But look how tiny Melissa is compared to me.”

As for the current stars and their chances at taking home the mirror-ball trophy, “It’s anybody’s game,” says Rycroft. “Obviously Evan and Nicole because score-wise they’re fantastic and they have the technique. Then you’ve got Niecy, Pamela, Erin and Chad, who have this personality that you just want to watch. Jake is doing great. I mean everybody’s bringing their own thing to the plate and there was a lot of hype before the season and I think they’re living up to it.”

Meanwhile, Fatone jokes that Pamela Anderson “wows” him for just “two good reasons.” –Carlos GreerRandy Brooke/WireImage

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