Despite filming a number of stunts, the actress' worst fall happened when she was walking to a massage appointment

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

While filming her action-comedy Spy, Melissa McCarthy sustained a number of minor injuries, she told Seth Meyers on Tuesday.

“I got hurt a lot. I was just covered in bruises and weird pulled muscles,” she shared. However, they weren’t all the result of stunts – “My worst fall, sadly, was walking to a massage.”

The actress decided to treat herself – and “get the lactic acid going” so she could move her arms above waist-level – but had to walk through the pool area to get to her appointment. The edges of the pool were framed in marble – “And, I’m sorry, but that’s a bad idea, right?” said an incredulous McCarthy – and she just totally bit it in the view of her director, Paul Feig, who was clad only in swim trunks and was afraid it would be too “inappropriate” to help her up.

McCarthy, 44, got “incredible height” from her fall, she joked. “I’ve never gotten that height on anything in my life.”

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She also frequently had to run in heels, and on cobblestone streets. “Directors love wet cobblestone,” said the Late Night host.

Another scene required that McCarthy walk from one room into another, and as she was about to film, “a man came out with two shammies, backing out of it on his hands and knees, like, ‘I polished this for you!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ ”

That scene went about as well as you might expect and, once again, Feig was the only spectator to her fall.