See which departed SNL vets dropped in to bid Meyers farewell

By Alex Heigl
February 02, 2014 12:00 AM

Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and despite an opening monologue that saw her having a wire-assisted fight with Bobby Moynihan, the show was really about one event: Seth Meyers‘ last appearance at the ‘Weekend Update’ desk.

Departed SNL vets Bill Hader (as Stefon) and Amy Poehler showed up for guest appearances on this week’s ‘Weekend Update’ to send Meyers off properly. Meyers broke form and addressed the occasion head-on, giving an emotional goodbye: “This is the job I always wanted, and I had the best time.”

McCarthy’s highlight was “Women’s Group.” It was a simple sketch: Women get together to talk over white wine, McCarthy announces her plans to violently avenge her father’s death. McCarthy’s intensity carries the sketch; her character’s “vision boards” are a great visual gag.

Fresh off their triumphant appearance at the Grammys, Imagine Dragons were the show’s musical guest this week. Here’s their performance of “Demons.”

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