Laura Benanti debuted an epic Melania Trump impression for Stephen Colbert

When Tony winner Laura Benanti appeared on the The Late Show back in May, host Stephen Colbert pointed out that the brunette beauty was a dead ringer for Melania Trump.

So with the country buzzing about Trump’s possibly plagiarized Republican National Convention speech, it made sense that Colbert called upon Benanti to step into the potential first lady’s shoes, in a parody speech that opened his show on Tuesday night.

Wearing the same white dress Trump wore in her speech, Benanti delivered a near-perfect impression of the Slovene-American model. She mocked the plagiarism scandal, claiming she wrote the speech herself before reciting iconic lines from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song – even Disney’s The Lion King.

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“I did not plagiarize my speech last night – I would never do such a thing” Benanti said. “I would not, could not with a goat. I would not, could not in a boat.”

The speech also brought to life Twitter’s trending #FamousMilaniaTrumpQuotes meme.

Posing like Trump – and perfecting her Blue Steel-like squint – the 37-year-old Supergirl actress even ended her speech quoting another iconic comedy show. “Live from New York it’s Saturday ” she said, before Colbert prevented her from finishing the iconic Saturday Night Live opened.

“I’m going to have a second career as an impersonator,” Benanti told Colbert back in May.

“It might be good for you if he does win,” Colbert joked with her.

“She’s my meal ticket,” Benanti laughed. “So let’s do this Trump! Make America great again!”

Following her skit, Benanti told ET that she feels Trump’s speech writers owe Michelle Obama an apology.

“I think her speechwriters owe Michelle Obama an apology,” she said. “I think her speechwriters owe all of us an apology for thinking that we would be idiots and not notice. But I don’t think Melania wrote that. I don’t blame her. I think she was reading a teleprompter, and she read it really well. She did a really good job. She did her job well, they just didn’t do their job well.”

In the midst of her interview, one speechwriter did in fact issue an apology to Obama to which Benanti said, “Good. That’s what should have happened yesterday. I’m glad it didn’t, just for our comedy bit.”

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