"While I love my job, it truly is what I do and not who I am," says Kelly
Credit: Photographs by Douglas Friedman

Megyn Kelly might be busier than ever, but the Fox News anchor’s family will always come first.

“I love my job,” Kelly tells PEOPLE this week’s issue. “If I get fired tomorrow, I’ll be totally fine because while I love my job, it truly is what I do and not who I am.”

Over the course of the last eight months, Kelly, 45, was publicly criticized by Donald Trump, 69, as a “lightweight” who is “always negative,” “never worth watching,” “sick” and “the most overrated person on TV,” but her family was there to support her through it all.

“What defines you? Who defines you?” she says. “What are the most important things in your life and who are the most important people? It’s [my husband] Doug and my three children and our family. They’re the ones who help me understand who I am and what I am.”

Despite their “dustup,” Kelly reached out to Trump and sat down with the presidential candidate for an interview on her special Megyn Kelly Presents.

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“This is the one opportunity to sit down with him, discuss it to some extent and then move on in every way,” she says. And if their truce is short-lived, she’s prepared for that too.

“I have perspective on this,” she says. “It’s been a difficult year, but I know where it falls on the spectrum.”

Megyn Kelly Presents airs May 17 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox broadcast network.