"I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally," Megyn Kelly says of Donald Trump's hair

May 17, 2016 12:40 PM

Megyn Kelly‘s highly anticipated interview with Donald Trump is set to air Tuesday night – but first, the Fox News host stopped by Watch What Happens Live to talk about the presumptive GOP nominee’s infamous hairdo.

Host Andy Cohen gave Kelly the chance to weigh in on Trump’s appearance, given his own frequent critiques of women’s looks, and Kelly responded by defending the billionaire businessman’s widely mocked hairstyle. “I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally,” she said Monday night.

“It’s not a wig and it’s not a combover either,” she elaborated. “I’ve run my fingers through it, we used to get along! I shoved my hands up in that hair and that’s real.”

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly
Eric Liebowitz/FOX

Cohen followed up by asking whether Kelly found Trump attractive, to which she replied, “He actually has a very famous quote where he said something that goes: ‘I’m going to bed with all these supermodels so I guess it works.’ I’ll let him speak for himself on that.”

In the Fox Broadcast special Megyn Kelly Presents, airing Tuesday night, Trump and Kelly will have what she has called an “interesting, compelling exchange” in which they’ll address “some of the most awkward moments” of Trump’s campaign, including their own months-long feud.

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“I would say overall it was cordial, but there were definitely some tense moments and some awkward moments,” Kelly told Fox News’ MediaBuzz on Sunday. “There were some moments where you could see where this conversation was going, there was no way around it and there we were eye to eye talking about some of the most awkward moments of this campaign.”

Kelly also discussed the sitdown during an appearance on Fox 8 News Tuesday morning, revealing that she and Trump will also discuss accusations that he has bullied her.

Giving her own take on the issue, Kelly said, “The truth is, if you look up the definition of bullying … it’s to use strength or intimidation to extract your will on somebody, or to basically cow somebody into doing what you want. That did not happen here. Maybe the first half happened, but the second half did not.”

As to whether Kelly has bullied Trump, as some of his supporters have suggested, The Kelly File host said, “We don’t get to paid to love any candidate. We get paid to scrutinize them and cast a skeptical eye.”

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