Meghan McCain Recalls Humiliation She Felt at 13 When Dad Outed Her Crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

"I was furious at him," The View co-host said of her late father John McCain

Meghan McCain once had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio — and her father John McCain made sure everyone knew it.

On Tuesday, The View cohosts were discussing T.I.‘s recent controversy after he said he makes “yearly trips to the gynecologist” in order to check on the status of his daughter’s virginity. (He has since apologized for the insensitive remark.)

Meghan, 35, slammed the rapper and recalled an experience she had growing up with her own famous father.

“[T.I.] didn’t have her permission to talk about her sexuality. I know what it feels like to have a dad who everybody knows,” she said. “Men are already scared to go out with you because they’re worried about what to deal with. So now Deyjah is going to have to deal with every man she goes out with knowing that her dad was so obsessed with her sexuality that he got her checked by a gynecologist.”

“Which, by the way, you can break your hymen doing gymnasts, riding horses, doing many athletic things,” she continued. “But honestly, it’s none of her dad’s business past 18. I thought it was very strange and very 1800s.”

Continuing, Meghan had producers pull up a clip of her late father outing her crush on DiCaprio, 45, when she was a young teen.

“My dad, when I was 14, went on Firing Line and talked about how I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. And we actually have the clip of it, because I have a point to this, I promise,” the conservative commentator said.

In the clip from March 23, 1998, the Arizona senator, who died last year of brain cancer, said to the interviewer, “Leonardo DiCaprio is an object of my 13-year-old daughter’s affection to the degree which I have never experienced.”

“I mean, this young man has captured the hearts of every 13-year-old girl in America. I have other problems with Leonardo,” he continued, likely referring to the actor being a staunch Democrat.

“He seduced your daughter,” the interviewer joked.

“To distraction,” John replied with a laugh.

While Meghan acknowledged that this was “different” than the situation between T.I. and his daughter, she said that she was not pleased at the time with her father’s comments.

“This is different, but I died,” she said. “I was like, ‘I can’t believe you would discuss the man I love,’ because I love Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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“I was furious at him,” she continued. “And he wasn’t talking about my hymen and gynecological stuff on TV. So let me just tell you, his daughter, I promise you —whether they like it or not — is going to have issues with it. Because if this is enough to have impact…”

Meghan insisted that her affection for the beloved Oscar-winning actor has since faded.

“I no longer have a crush on him,” she said.

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