Arizona Sen. John McCain died in August at age 81 after a battle with brain cancer

While her father John McCain was battling brain cancer, Meghan McCain leaned heavily on her husband Ben Domenech.

During a hot topic conversation about people who marry for money on The View on Thursday, co-host Meghan, 34, explained there are more important qualities to consider in a partner. She said Domenech became her support system after doctors discovered glioblastoma, an aggressive tumor, in the late Arizona senator’s brain in July 2017.

“I dated everything,” she said. “Every kind of person possible. I dated extremely wealthy men, famous men, poor guys, everything in between — and I married for love, honestly.”

“Everything else will work itself out. I married for love and my husband carried me through my dad’s cancer,” she continued. “And if I had married a jacka– that made the most money ever, that was the wealthiest dude I dated, no way I would have survived last year. I’m just saying, marry for love. As cheesy as that sounds!”

Credit: Meghan McCain/Instagram

Sen. McCain died Aug. 25, 2018 at 81. In the wake of his death, Meghan has been open about her emotional grieving process, most recently honoring him with a touching Instagram post while visiting his memorial on New Year’s Eve.

“Happy New Year Dad @senjohnmccain,” she wrote. “I love you and miss you more intensely than I can possibly say.”

Meghan and Domenech tied the knot on Nov. 21, 2017, just four months after her father announced his diagnosis.

The festivities — which the bride pushed forward due to her father’s health crisis — took place at the McCain family ranch in Cornville, Arizona, outside Sedona, in front of 117 people.

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The former Fox News contributor dedicated a sweet post to her husband on their one-year anniversary.

“1 year married tomorrow baby, I can’t believe it’s been a year,” she wrote. “My ride or die from day one. In the words of the late poet Johnny Cash — we fell into a burning ring of fire. My great love, my best friend, my true partner, my shelter from the storm. I would not have survived this last year without you. Thank you for always taking on the world beside me — Bonnie and Clyde forever. I love you with my entire heart Ben.”