Meghan McCain Apologizes After Revealing a Major 'Game of Thrones' Finale Spoiler on 'The View'

Game of Thrones concluded its eight-season run on Sunday night, but Meghan McCain was clearly not a fan of how things played out

WARNING: This post contains spoilers to Game of Thrones.

Meghan McCain is suffering the “wrath” from many Game of Thrones fans after she spoiled the series finale’s ending.

During Monday’s episode of The View, the hosts got talking about the medieval fantasy series’ final episode, which aired the night before.

However, McCain, 34, had no hesitations when it came to expressing her thoughts about the episode — which many, including co-host Sunni Hostin, were not happy about.

Following Monday’s episode, McCain issued an apology on Twitter and explained why she felt she could speak so openly about the finale.

“I’m so sorry for the #GOT spoilers on the show today! I assumed every diehard fan had watched! My bad,” she wrote, before giving her followers who hadn’t watched the talk show yet a heads up. “Don’t watch west coast if you don’t want a spoiler.”

Game of Thrones first came into discussion during the “Hot Topics” segment, which was introduced by Whoopi Goldberg.

“Apparently, we’re at the end of a giant era of pop culture. It came to close last night with the series finale of Game of Thrones,” Goldberg, 63, explained. “And this morning, there are actually counselors you can reach out to if you’re having a hard time with it. Anybody having a tough time?”

Her question prompted McCain to respond immediately with a “yes” before elaborating on her response — and spoiling the finale in the process.

“I spent eight years of my life watching this, and it was a horrible ending. Horrible,” she said. “Bran is the worst. Sorry, spoiler.”

“He didn’t do anything, and now he gets to rule? It should have been the mother of dragons —” McCain continued, before being cut off by the audible shock from the audience and her View co-hosts, including Hostin.

Meghan McCain Game of Thrones
The View

“Oh, Meghan! I’m only on season four!” Hostin, 50, exclaimed, visibly upset by what she just heard, and proceeded to put her head down on the table.

Goldberg, meanwhile, walked away from the table shaking her head in laughter, clearly amused by what her fellow co-host had just done.

McCain did go on to deliver a half-hearted apology, telling the crowd, “Sorry! But it’s all over the Internet! I wasn’t told I wasn’t allowed to say it. I’m sorry, everybody. It’s all over the internet. You would’ve found out one way or another.”

“As a dedicated fan who watched live last night like everyone’s supposed to, okay, it was terrible. I was so disappointed,” she continued. “I’m sorry you guys were so triggered by me telling you the ending.”

Meghan McCain Game of Thrones
Sunni Hostin.

Refusing to take the blame entirely, McCain noted, “You guys are genuinely upset,” and went on to question the producers in the studio. “Why is this a ‘hot topic’ then if I’m not supposed to talk about it?”

“It’s a huge show. I think shows should be watched in real time if you’re gonna dedicate to it,” McCain finished. “Apparently, I’m gonna get the wrath of the Internet when I leave!”

Since issuing the apology on Twitter, it appears McCain was not wrong about her expectations from users on social media.

“That was pretty stupid. I agree you shouldn’t have to wait forever…but come on…how dumb. Give it at least a week. Ugh. Next time someone sees you going into a movie I hope they shout the ending at you, and say a real fan would have seen it on opening night!” wrote one follower.

“So disappointed. I do not have HBO, and watch it with friends later in the week. Thanks Meghan,” added someone else.

“Diehard fans also know not to ruin it for other fans,” noted another person.

Some, however, did defend her comments and backed up McCain’s argument on the show that the internet would inevitably ruin it for people who hadn’t yet watched the episode.

“No apology necessary, diehard fans who couldn’t watch it know to stay away from social media & TV today. And BTW it’s a Hot Topic everywhere!” wrote one fan.

“I’m with you. Why was it a Hot Topic if you aren’t allowed to discuss it?” added a separate user.

“Don’t apologize. I am a huge fan and knew that if I didn’t see it last night, the internet would tell me all about it today,” argued another follower.

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