Meghan King Edmonds Says Ex Jim Edmonds Came with 'Baggage' — But 'I Loved Being a Stepmom'

Meghan King Edmonds opened up last week about how she currently she has "no contact" with ex Jim Edmonds' two youngest children from his previous marriage

Meghan King Edmonds is looking at the big picture when it comes to dating.

During Wednesday’s episode of Nick Viall‘s The Viall Files podcast, the newly single Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up about the idea of dating a man with children, saying, “At the risk of sounding extremely hypocritical, I’m not really into dating a guy with kids.”

King Edmonds, 35, is mom to 19-month-old twin boys Hart and Hayes, plus daughter Aspen, 3, with estranged husband Jim Edmonds, whom she split from last year. Edmonds, 49, has four other children from his previous relationship: two adult daughters, Hayley and Lauren, plus 14-year-old son Landon and daughter Sutton, 11.

“I love kids and I loved being a stepmom, but it’s just a lot of baggage,” she told Viall, 39. “And I hate to call kids baggage, but kids are a lifelong commitment and you didn’t have any input into creating this child and it’s just hard. I’ve been a stepmom — it’s difficult.”

“If I were to go into [a] relationship and be a stepmom, it’s hard. I know it’s hard,” King Edmonds said. “But on the flip side, a man with children understands what I’m going through, ’cause he has children.”

A rep for Edmonds tells PEOPLE, “I wonder how Jim’s children feel about being referred to as baggage. What a disgraceful thing to say.”

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Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds
Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

The Bravo star and her former baseball pro husband split last year after the couple had a “contentious argument” with their nanny Carly Wilson, with whom Edmonds has been accused of having an affair. (Both he and Wilson have denied having a sexual relationship.) Edmonds filed for divorce in October.

King Edmonds previously opened up about how she currently has “no contact” with her ex’s two youngest children from before their marriage, saying on the Juicy Scoop podcast last week, “I’ve been blocked from their phone numbers, from their Instagrams. They’ve been told things, according to Jim, that I’ve never said.”

“[I met them] when they just turned 4 and 7. They were little. They felt like my full-blown stepkids,” she continued of Landon and Sutton. “They were my family. I did so much for them, like you would with anyone who was your family. So that really makes me sad. It’s not helping them.”

“I know they’re being poisoned, being told a lot of different things that aren’t true,” King Edmonds added on the podcast. “They know me enough to know who I am.”

Meghan King Edmonds
Meghan King Edmonds/ Instagram

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King Edmonds also said on the podcast that she wasn’t sure she was “done having kids” of her own yet, explaining, “I could totally have another kid and I do love the idea of a nuclear family. However, my kids are a lot of work. They’re young. And I need to get out of the weeds right now.”

“I couldn’t say no, but it’s not something I’m gunning for,” the mom of three added. “I’m looking at my boobs and I’m like, ‘How ’bout a boob job instead?’ Honestly, I’m not making any kind of decisions about anything right now.”

All three of the estranged couple’s children were conceived via in vitro fertilization. But when asked if she’d use the four remaining embryos she and Edmonds still have on reserve, King Edmonds replied that she’d instead “just keep them frozen until eternity.”

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