Meghan King Edmonds Says She and Husband Jim Are 'Still Together' After His Sexting Scandal

"We're still married, we're still together, we're not separated," Meghan King Edmonds said about husband Jim Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds is focusing on repairing her marriage after husband Jim Edmonds’ cheating scandal.

More than a month after former MLB player Jim admitted that he “engaged in an inappropriate conversation” with another woman (but denied having a physical relationship), the Real Housewives of Orange County alumna is opening up about the state of their marriage

“We’re still married, we’re still together, we’re not separated. I know my engagement ring is well known! I’m still wearing it. I’ve never stopped wearing it,” Meghan, 34, told in an interview published Monday, noting how she was shown not wearing jewelry on her fingers on her Instagram Stories days after he was accused of having an affair.

They have three children together: twins Hart and Hayes, 14 months, and daughter Aspen, 2.

“We’re in the family home, we’re in the same bed. We’re not having therapy, we’re talking,” said Meghan, who married Jim, 49, in October 2014.

In mid-June, Jim told Us Weekly that he “had a lapse in judgment,” but assured that “at no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none.” He alleged that the woman “is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past.”

Meghan also shared a lengthy statement on her blog, admitting that she found about the allegations on the blog AllAboutTheTea. She said she called her husband, and he confirmed exchanging “lewd photos” with the woman for several months.

In her interview with the Daily Mail, Meghan said that that she learned about her husband’s infidelity “the same day, the same way that everybody else did.”

“A person I don’t know forwarded me a link on social media. I clicked on it and read it,” she said. “When I read it, I had a feeling, I knew in my gut there was truth to it. I was shocked and I took a shower.”

Meghan said she’d “never experienced a turmoil of emotions like it; I felt overwhelmingly alone and sad.”

Jim was also emotional.

“He was extremely emotional, crying and remorseful,” she said about her husband, who was in New York working when the allegations surfaced. “He wanted to fly straight back to be with me but I told him that I did not want him to do that until he had finished working, so that’s what he did. ”

After he returned home, Meghan said that the couple talked and she “just wanted to get everything out, get the truth out and start to build.”

Said Meghan: “There turned out to be a lot less to come out. There was no physical relationship.”

Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

She later noted that Jim “would never touch her. That helped me. Then I knew it was just a sexting thing. The pics she sent him were all highly filtered and she had sunglasses on, body parts were altered. It was all very sex related.”

Meghan said their kids “picked up on the anxiety in the house.”

“With my daughter, when we would say our nightly prayers I said to her, ‘We need to pray for mommy and daddy that we learn to love each other so, so much again. Because we do love each other so, so much and we need to learn it again because we are so, so sad right now. That was hard,” she said.

Now, the couple is focusing on rebuilding their marriage.

Although she previously threatened to go to the FBI about the alleged mistress, Meghan said she is “concentrating on my marriage and my children.”

She added that “with each passing day trust will rebuild, just like in any relationship that has been hit hard.”

Meghan has relied on her religion to get her through the difficult time.

“My faith helps me with everything and I have family here in Missouri. I pray that things get back to what it was like before but better. We don’t want things to be the same or worse,” she said. “We only have one place to go and that’s better.”

She also trusts that her husband won’t be unfaithful again.

“I’ve just got to have faith that he’s not going to screw up. But I know he’s not going to screw up,” she told the Daily Mail. “He really wants to make this work.”

Earlier this month, the former Bravo personality gave Jim a shout-out in a series of smiley family photos.

Meghan, who was not wearing her wedding ring, shared the image on Instagram of her and their children.

“Lazy summer days… yeah right,” she captioned the snaps, adding a playful emoji.

Although Jim does not appear in the photos himself, it appeared he was the photographer behind the lens. “Pic by daddy,” Meghan added.

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