Couples Road Trip! Inside Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman's Cross-Country Adventure

"I look at us as one of those old-fashioned showbiz couples," says Offerman

Photo: Al Powers/Invision for the Television Academy/AP

Some Hollywood couples can’t stand to be in the same room together after just months of marriage, but Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman can’t seem to get enough of each other.

“We have so much fun together,” Mullally tells PEOPLE of heading out on the road with her husband of almost 13 years to tour their comedy show Summer of 69: No Apostrophe.

The tour kicked off in Charlotte, North Carolina, last week and the couple like to travel light: just Offerman, 46, in the divers seat and Mullally, 57, riding shotgun with their poodle, Clover.

“Nick gets carsick if he’s not driving – plus he’s basically a walking atlas. He can drive around any city without a map,” says Mullally. “Which works out fine for me because I just become our entertainment director and pick out which audio book we’ll listen to next.”

In the past Offerman would head out touring his own comedy show while Mullally traveled with her band Nancy and Beth, but now the couple are enjoying hitting the road together.

“I look at us as one of those old-fashioned showbiz couples,” says Offerman. “We write the show together and head out on the road.”

Mullally and Offerman say they love being on stage singing and cracking jokes together for Summer of 69: No Apostrophe, but they’ve been surprised how well some of their musical numbers have been received.

“We aren’t gentle with our comedy,” explains Mullally. “But even really religious people are getting into our song about Jesus and republicans are laughing at our song about Donald Trump.”

“I’m really happy with how some of the songs we’ve written and perform in the show have been received,” adds Offerman.

“Megan’s an A-list Broadway talent. I know I bring her down in that department but she brings me up. She’s gotten me to the upper levels of mediocrity. I think we average a solid A-minus between the two of us,” he jokes.

But there is one thing about being on tour that Offerman doesn’t like.

“When you’re as well known as I am for eating meat products, you get a lot of suggestions on places you have to eat,” he says. “But we’re often in soundcheck during dinner time and we often have to head right back out on the road after the show. I wish we had more time for meat.”

Summer of 69: No Apostrophe tours across the country through Sept. 22. Tickets are available at

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