Megan Joy's Run Ends on 'American Idol'

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At the start of Wednesday’s Idol elimination show, Ryan asked Simon which of the nine finalists should be worried about the impending results. Simon guessed Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud and Megan Joy. At least Megan had the sense of fun to smile and wave, like someone in the last car of a train disappearing from view. And she never let up. When she was sent to the bottom three, she flapped her arms and cawed like a crow. When she was finally told she was, indeed, out, she shouted, “It’s okay!”

By that point, she’d been joined in the bottom three by Allison Iraheta, who’s apparently dogged by a collective hunch (judges plus audience) that she’s borderline-precocious and not altogether to be trusted; and the popular Anoop, who nonetheless had a very bad week trying to sing like R&B superstar Usher.

Of those three, Simon told Ryan only one would be worth saving. Well, it definitely wasn’t Megan, a favorite with neither judges nor viewers. After Allison and then Anoop returned to safety to live another week, Simon didn’t give Megan a second chance. If anything, he seemed slightly put off by her chipper indifference.

In the end, in fact, she cried when she said she’d be going home to her 2-year-old boy.

Kara‘s special endorsement of Matt must have paid off. Despite Tuesday’s unconvincing attempt at contemporary pop-rock with The Fray‘s “You Found Me,” he survived into what is now the top eight. But when Ryan told him to go sit on the comfortable blue sofettes of salvation, he skulked toward the stools of shame — either he was tricked by Ryan’s deliberately deceptive intonations, or he was feeling more than a bit pessimistic. He had to be turned around and redirected.

Before Megan’s elimination, Lady GaGa sang “Poker Face” and performed like it was the MTV Video Music Awards. Also, David Cook sang a new single, “Come Back to Me,” and the world remembered once again the thrilling weeks when the nation was divided over which David would win. — Tom Gliatto

Tell us: Are you sad to see Megan go? Anyone? Was Simon too hard on her? What did you think of David and Lady GaGa’s performances?

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Michael Becker/FOX

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