Mean Tweets Week Night 2: The Rock, Liam Neeson Read Harsh Words About Themselves on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Stars like Liam Neeson and Dwayne "The Rock" John read mean tweets about themselves live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


No one is safe from the ire of the Internet – not even "The Rock".

For the second night of Jimmy Kimmel‘s special Mean Tweets Week, Dwayne Johnson read some harsh words about himself in front of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience.

Kimmel, who usually pre-records the stars reading tweets, instead will be bringing them onto the show live to read fan critiques for the rest of the week.

“I’m really sick of seeing the rock..blah blah blah dqayne johnson..blah blah blah candy ass movie star..blah blah blah go suck it,” read Johnson.

The father-to-be didn’t let the tweeter off lightly.

“I’ll give you something to suck,” he said.

Also on hand to tackle the haters? Bette Midler and Liam Neeson.

“Some people ask me who has the biggest penis in Hollywood. Easy. Bette Midler,” the 69-year-old singer read.

Neeson also didn’t fare well with the social media site’s users.

“Liam Neeson is a butterfat, in that his face looks like a butt. Eat s— fart breath Neeson,” he read, before walking offstage dejected.

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Kimmel also coaxed an audience member into revealing that she once tweeted harsh words at Scandal star Scott Foley.

The reason? She’s Team Fitz!

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