Sally Field says she had to binge watch New Girl to learn who Max Greenfield was

By Char Adams
March 07, 2016 11:30 AM

Things are getting hot and heavy for Sally Field and Max Greenfield.

The two appear in a sneak peek at Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote their new movie Hello, My Name is Doris – and have a steamy makeout session on the couch.

From left: Max Greenfield, Sally Field and Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

The smooch happens after the costars team up for a game of “Heads Up” with host Ellen DeGeneres. Greenfield, 36, and Field, 69, portray dog walking, a security pat-down and a proposal before drawing a more intimate challenge: making out.

The two instantly grab each other and launch into a (very touchy) makeout session. Naturally, the studio erupts in applause.

DeGeneres’ couch isn’t the only place the two get steamy. The actors gush about their onscreen kiss (which Greenfield jokingly says continues for more than 45 minutes).

Max Greenfield and Sally Field
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

“We shot that scene on our second day of filming,” The New Girl star tells host Ellen DeGeneres.

“I feel like you go into a scene like that and there’s a lot of nerves. And then we shot it and we pulled apart from one another and I think we were both like, ‘we’ll do another take.’ ”

Field spoke of the romance scene during a Monday appearance on the Today show, saying that she initially apologized to Greenfield for any “ages issues” he may have had.

Sally Field in Hello, My Name is Doris
Roadside Attractions

He was unfazed: “He said, ‘just go for it … just plow right in. I’m ready for you.’ ”

The film follows Doris Miller (Field), a late bloomer who attempts to romantically pursue her younger, hipster co-worker John Fremont (Greenfield).

Field tells DeGeneres that she didn’t really know who Greenfield was before filming the movie – in fact, she says she had to watch New Girl.

“I binge-watched. And then caught up and then I knew who Max was,” she says. “And I already knew my Max. So he was my Max before he was that.”

Hello, My Name is Doris hits theaters March 11.