Maura Tierney Goes from 'ER' to the Firehouse

Ending her run at County General, the actress assumes a new role on Rescue Me

Photo: Marion Curtis/Startraks

On the night ER‘s County General shut its doors for good, Maura Tierney hit the town in support of her new show, the FX firefighter drama Rescue Me.

At Thursday’s New York season-five premiere and Rescue Me Comedy Tour, benefiting the Leary Firefighters Foundation, Tierney, 44, told PEOPLE of the ER finale, “I haven’t seen it. I’m TiVoing it. There was a party this weekend, so I got to see everybody and say goodbye.” And, she adds with a laugh, “I’ve moved on!”

Indeed, after starring opposite her on-air husband, Goran Visnjic, she’ll play a potential love interest for Denis Leary’s Rescue Me character, Tommy Gavin.

How does Leary, 51, stack up against her other handsome costars? “He’s right at the top,” says Tierney. “He’s extremely smart and very funny. There’s a great vibe on the set it reminded me of ER. Everyone is very relaxed. It was a really good time.”

Tierney calls her long-running role on the NBC hospital drama “a wonderful time in my life. I just have nice memories.” Most memorable? Her scenes with double Oscar winner Sally Field, who played her mother. “I was really lucky,” says Tierney. “It was so creatively and personally satisfying.”

But before Tierney joins the Rescue Me cast – her arc will take place late in the 22-episode season – another notable guest star will appear: Michael J. Fox. “He’s a great dramatic actor, which people forget,” says show’s co-creator, writer and star, Denis Leary. “If he doesn’t get an Emmy for this, I don’t know who will.”

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