The Finding Neverland star tells PEOPLE he wants children, but they'll be going to "boarding school until they're older"

By Alexandra Hurtado
November 30, 2015 01:00 PM

Matthew Morrison is pretty Glee-ful these days.

The 37-year-old has had a whirlwind year that has included wrapping up the final season of Glee and returning to Broadway in Finding Neverland, but enjoying his first year of marriage with Renee Puente has been the cherry on top.

“It’s been awesome – like the best year,” Morrison tells PEOPLE. “Our relationship has totally grown.”

Morrison, who is currently playing the role of J.M. Barrie in the Broadway production of Finding Neverland, reveals, “I was so scared coming to New York with Renee because she’s never lived in New York before, [but] she’s thriving here and it’s so amazing.”

He adds, “I feel more in love with her than I ever have been, and it’s going through life with my best friend, and I’m so absolutely excited about what’s next.”

So what exactly is next – perhaps the pitter patter of little Will Schuesters? While promoting his new Febreze holiday campaign, Morrison tells PEOPLE: “I want kids,” but he also jokes, “I’m sending them to boarding school until they’re older then I’ll take them back.”

And with the holidays nearing, the actor is already beginning to think about his future family: “I’m going to start a lot of traditions,” he says. “I’m an only child so my parents worked a lot when I was a kid so I really want to instill a lot of great traditions that I didn’t get to have.”