April 03, 2015 11:20 PM

Long before Glee or Broadway fame, Matthew Morrison was just another college student trying to catch his big break.

Jimmy Fallon helpfully reminded Morrison Thursday of just how far he’s come when he pulled a skeleton out of the actor’s closet – in the form of a 1999 instructional dance video called Simply Funk.

“How you dug this up!” Morrison, 36, exclaimed as he told the Tonight Show host, “I was at NYU and my dance teacher Bob Rizzo, he did dance instructional videos and he asked me to do it and I thought it was the biggest thing ever. I was like, ‘Yeah! I’m on a VHS tape – one that you can’t record over.’ ”

The cover of the video features Morrison wearing a red jacket, sans shirt, and black track pants.

“This was my own wardrobe,” said Morrison, who’s starring in Broadway’s Finding Neverland, opening April 15. “I rode the subway in that and it took local stops too.”

After watching a clip of Morrison in action in the how-to video, Fallon suggested, “They should call it Uptown Funk and re-release it.”

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