Matthew Modine: How I Cheated Death

The Proof actor tells PEOPLE about a terrifying moment that occurred thousands of feet above the ground

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Matthew Modine is living Proof that miracles can happen.

The actor tells PEOPLE he was jumping out of an airplane for an ESPN program that showcased people tackling dangerous feats when his high-flying adventure took a terrifying turn.

Just as Modine, 56, pulled the handle down on his parachute, his worst fears came true. “It was caught on itself,” he tells PEOPLE. While the parachute eventually opened, “It was really horrifying and it made my heart go in my throat.”

Modine remains scarred by the incident to this day. “I will never, ever jump out of an airplane again,” he vows. “Just the thought of it makes me squeamish.”

Modine won’t shy away from other challenges, however. He’s embracing his latest role as a terminally ill tech billionaire who funds a life after death project in TNT’s Proof.

“He just wants to know what happens when we die,” Modine says of his character Ivan Turing. “That’s the premise of the show, and it’s been really fun.”

Proof also stars Modine’s longtime pal Jennifer Beals.

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“It’s like going back to a family reunion, a high school reunion, where you’re seeing old friends,” says Modine of working on set. “We’re all really enjoying working together.”

Proof premieres June 16 at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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