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Updated February 24, 2010 12:00 AM
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Tuesday’s Lost found Christian Shephard’s children — Jack (Matthew Fox) and Claire (Emilie de Ravin) — on wildly divergent paths, with one seemingly headed for redemption and the other toward ruin. PEOPLE checked in with Fox and de Ravin — as well as Jorge Garcia, whose Hurley led Jack on a mission to the island’s heretofore-unseen lighthouse — for illumination on Tuesday’s episode and (SPOILER ALERT!) what it means for their characters’ futures.

JACK: The big news in the flash sideways: Jack’s a dad! And his teen son, David, is a piano prodigy. (No word yet on who Mom is; she was conveniently “out of town” in this episode.) Jack didn’t seem to be the most attentive father, what with seeing David once a month and not knowing his favorite baseball team. (Papa Shephard said he hooked up the cable so his son could watch the Red Sox, but David’s clearly sporting a Dodgers cap in those photo-booth pix.) Even so, Jack seems set on not making the same mistakes his boozy and demanding dad did: He snuck in to watch his son’s audition for the Williams Conservatory — where he crossed paths with wise Temple dude Dogen — and had a lovely heart-to-heart afterwards with his son. In this timeline, it appears Jack — like Kate and Locke — is not crippled by the issues that once defined him.

On the island, though, Jack’s daddy issues still have a hold on him. And Jacob — through Hurley — played on that to get the stubborn doc to leave the Temple and find the island’s lighthouse. “You have what it takes,” Hurley told Jack, per Jacob’s instructions — a line that was the opposite of the refrain Christian so often pounded his son with in the past. The lighthouse, with its ancient dial and mirrors, shed more light on Jacob’s list of “candidates” — the same numbers and names were on the wheel and, after cranking it to 23 degrees, Jack (a.k.a. No. 23) saw his parents’ house reflected back at him and realized that Jacob has been keeping track of his chosen ones for much of their lives. (Other interesting reveals on the lighthouse wheel: “Linus” — as in Ben — was crossed out, as was the dead “Rousseau.” But “Austen” — as in Kate, who was M.I.A. from Locke Monster’s cave last week — still seems to be in the running at No. 51.)

Freaked out by the revelation, Jack shattered the glass into smithereens but that didn’t stop Jacob — or Fox — from believing he can still fulfill an important destiny. “I think in the end, after the wrestling he’s gone through with this argument between reason and faith, finally coming up against the indisputable fact that his destiny does lie on this island will be a relief,” Fox says. “Everything lies on Jack succeeding and accomplishing something there.”

CLAIRE: Jack’s half-sister is indeed the island’s new Rousseau. Wild-haired and wild-eyed, Claire is a gun- and ax-wielding survivalist who believes the Others took her son Aaron, and she’s not afraid to kill to get him back. (Even if that person is Kate!) De Ravin confirms that Claire’s newly revealed “friend,” Locke Monster, is responsible for her character’s bad-girl evolution: “She’s been under the influence of the Smoke Monster for the entire period. Nobody knew that when we last saw her in Jacob’s cabin during season 4. But basically the only person she’s had contact with is Smokey. Any happenings on the island she knows about are what he tells her, and obviously he’s not telling her everything.”

And what of the freaky “squirrel baby” Jin spotted in the cradle? Says de Ravin, “The doll is like her surrogate child. Not in any sort of weird, creepy way — at least to her. It’s more about holding on and not giving up hope.”

HURLEY: Tuesday’s episode may have dealt with the serious topic of destiny but, according to Jorge Garcia, filming it was often funny business. “As soon as I look at Foxy, we start cracking up,” he says. “We have trouble keeping a straight face when we have to have a moment of silence. It’s been that way since season one.”

Garcia is digging the leadership role his lovable lottery winner has taken this season, as well as his status as candidate No. 8. “I can’t imagine Hurley campaigning to be the new Jacob, but if he was given that job, he would serve,” says Garcia, who reports that the instructions from Jacob written on his arm were actually a temporary tattoo.

Among the other teases Garcia is willing to share? Hold on to your Oceanic armrests! 1. Hurley will not be the only person with the ability to actually see the dead this season. 2. Major character deaths are on the way. “We’ve lost ,” reports Garcia, who began shooting episode 15 of 18 this week. “We have moments of going, ‘Oh, man, we’re the only ones left.’ I guess now that the show’s ending, the writers can pretty much wipe us off the planet.”

Gulp. –Shawna Malcom

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? What do you make of Jack’s apparent d j vu over his appendix scar? Mario Perez/ABC