Matt McGorry Honors His Father with Moving Tribute After His Death: 'I Will Love You Forever'

"I am eternally grateful that I had a chance to say goodbye," Matt McGorry wrote in an emotional Instagram post to honor his father, who died of pancreatic cancer on April 1

Matt McGorry
Photo: Matt McGorry/instagram

Matt McGorry is honoring his late father following his death.

On Tuesday, the Orange Is the New Black star revealed in an Instagram post that his 75-year-old dad died of pancreatic cancer on April 1. "Less than two months ago, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (one of the most deadly) and was told he had months to live," the actor, 35, wrote.

"I am eternally grateful that I had a chance to say goodbye. That he wasn't in pain in the last few weeks, that he looked back on his life with deep gratitude & made peace with death. That I got to write him a letter 6 weeks before he passed, the ending of which is what follows," McGorry wrote alongside a series of photos and clips of himself and his dad.

The How to Get Away with Murder alum went on to express his gratitude for being given a chance to spend some time together with his beloved dad before his death.

"I hate seeing you in pain, and I know that we all do, and yet I still can't believe the amount of joy that I've still felt in getting to support and be close to you this past week," he explained. "Getting to watch you in your sleep, as I'm sure you did to me as a child, wishing and hoping for the best."

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McGorry added, "And like the hopeful pragmatist that you are, not facing away from the challenges that you knew would be ahead, but loving passionately with your whole spirit anyway and trusting that love and openness would still always be the best way to move through life's challenges."

Despite wishing his father " didn't have the pain that has been waking you up at night," McGorry said he has "loved the late evening, early morning moments, of quiet intimacy where our love for one another is present through the pain."

"I don't know what the rest of this journey will bring for you and for us or for how long it will last," he wrote. "I know, as you do, that there will likely be challenging moments ahead- that there will be pain and sorrow."

McGorry shared, "But I am here for you with my love and support until you become a Beloved Ancestor. Even then, you will live as an always-remembered example me to me and the rest of the family and the people you have touched, as a Divine example of generosity of spirit, love and compassion."

As he concluded the heartfelt tribute to his dad, McGorry noted that it wasn't the end of "our relationship."

"I will think of you, I will speak to you, and I will love you forever and ever," he said. "I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Dad, there has been no greater joy, no greater gift, and no greater honor, than being your beloved son. With all of the love in the ever-expanding Universe, Matt."

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