The actor and a stunt driver surprised wedding attendees after emerging from a car outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London

By Andrea Park
Updated March 12, 2016 05:35 PM
Credit: WENN

Matt LeBlanc knows how to make an entrance!

The actor appeared to crash a wedding while filming Top Gear around London this week.

LeBlanc, a new presenter for the BBC car show, and stunt driver Ken Block shocked the entire wedding party when they stepped out of a tricked-out 1965 Ford Mustang in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Block proceeded to do some stunts in the car on the cobblestone road outside the church.

Paul Bradbury, a witness at the scene, posted videos of the day’s events on Twitter.

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The Friends star, 48, also shared some photos from his ride around London with Block.

LeBlanc joined Top Gear earlier this year and will serve as the show’s first ever non-British host in its 39-year history. The show’s 23rd season, featuring LeBlanc, will premiere in May on BBC America.