Matt Damon Crashes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live ' Dressed as Tom Brady: 'I Won the Super Bowl and I Won Your Stupid Show!'

"I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show!" Matt Damon said during a Monday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live 

Matt Damon has managed to sneak onto Jimmy Kimmel Live yet again.

Damon, 46, crashed the late night talk show on Monday dressed as New England Patriots player — and latest Super Bowl champion — Tom Brady.

“We have a surprise guest with us,” Kimmel told the audience. “Probably the most beloved Patriot of all of them … Tom Brady, everyone!”

But instead of the Super Bowl champ, in walked Damon dressed in the full number 12 Patriots uniform — with helmet, eye black and all!

When Kimmel asked why he was still wearing his uniform, Damon did his best to cover his tracks.

“Just haven’t had time to change,” Damon said. “Because I’ve been fired up. I kind of don’t want to take it off.”

Kimmel grew suspicious, telling the Brady wannabe to take off his helmet and reveal his identity.

“It’s my lucky helmet,” Damon protested. “I’m not gonna take it off. Just so much success here. I’d rather just keep it on.”

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With that, Kimmel yanked the helmet off and saw his frenemy under the disguise.

“I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show!” Damon yelled before Kimmel had security escort him out.

Kimmel had a final quip of his own as officials carried Damon out: “Your balls are flat!”

This isn’t the first time Damon has gone to great lengths to get on to the show that Kimmel. Last year, Damon enlisted the help of his pal Ben Affleck when crashing the show. Affleck wore a huge overcoat to smuggle the actor on stage.

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