The actor also starts his own Twitter account, with a little help from DeGeneres – and an inaugural twitpic
Credit: Micahel Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Bring on the magic, Matt.

In an interview airing Friday, Matt Bomer swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he happily indulged fans who really just wanted to know one thing: What’s up with the Magic Mike sequel?

“My understanding is it’s gonna start this fall,” the 36-year-old actor – who’s earning raves for his transformative performance in the harrowing HBO drama The Normal Heart – tells DeGeneres. “And I think Channing [Tatum] announced recently that it’s kind of a road-trip film that leads to a stripper convention, which really exists! It’s a real-live thing.”

So how intense does it get?

“Only the best of the best make it. It’s a strip-off to the death,” Bomer cracks. “It is a stripper convention – I can imagine if you lock those doors, things can get a little rowdy.”

No word yet on whether Bomer – who is married to publicist Simon Halls and recently spoke to PEOPLE about the joys of fatherhood with their three children – is officially onboard the sequel. But DeGeneres made sure that, should he decide to get jiggy with it again onscreen, Bomer would have no problem getting into character – or getting out of his duds.

The talk-show host surprised the actor by giving him a randy mélange of stripper-tastic gear, including a black thong, handcuffs, a clown-themed getup and even pink boxer briefs sporting, ahem, posterior additives. (“Oh, nice … oh, yes!” the actor whooped, while briefly unleashing one of his Magic Mike moves.)

Ever the helpful pal, DeGeneres even lent Bomer a hand in starting up his very own Twitter account, live on the show.

Their first Tweet? A twitpic of the duo holding up a sign with his snazzy new Twitter handle.

Not quite the epic, record-busting Oscar selfie that DeGeneres cobbled together, but hey, Matt: You’re learning from the best.

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