October 12, 2015 02:05 PM

With his, ahem, impressive body of on-screen work, one could safely assume that Matt Bomer has had his fair share of intense fan interactions. While there may be a growing list, it’s not something the actor likes to discuss – and for good reason.

“There’s been several strange ones,” the actor admitted to PEOPLE while attending The Hammer Museum’s 13th Annual Gala in the Garden this weekend. “I don’t want to give them any credence. I really don’t want to bring them out into the spotlight for fear that they may happen again.”

What the square-jawed 38-year-old failed to mention was the fact that he had been on the opposite side of fandom gone awry. Fortunately his husband, Simon Halls, was happy to throw Bomer under the bus. The tour bus to be more exact.

“He’s been an odd fan,” Halls said. “I remember hearing a story of him climbing up a wall, a fence, to watch Sheryl Crow do a Today show concert.”

Sheryl Crow
Kris Connor/Getty

While the first cut may truly be the deepest, to his credit the American Horror Story: Hotel star did little to distance himself from his fence-scaling, Crow-loving past.

“Listen,” Bomer said. “It was the early aughts, okay! It was a different time in my life.”

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