Joe Bastianich Blogs: Frank and Josh Missed a Golden Opportunity

"It is a shame," writes Bastianich of the men's missed opportunity in front of culinary greats

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Joe Bastianich is a successful restaurateur, vineyard owner and author of the memoir Restaurant Man. He’s also a judge on MasterChef, which challenges home cooks to prove they can cut it in top professional kitchens. Each week he’s blogging season 3 of Fox’s hit show, offering an insider’s take on the competition.

On Tuesday’s MasterChef, our four remaining contenders were given the thrilling – albeit terrifying – privilege of preparing a meal for three of the most inspiring and intimidating culinary figures in the world.

Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulud and Guy Savoy are about as high up on the ladder as one can go. No matter who takes the cake in the MasterChef finale, they will have the memory of this experience forever.

I think Frank and Josh missed a golden opportunity here. Everyone knows there is no love lost between them, but let’s put their situation in perspective: Two months ago they were tinkering around at home where their biggest challenge was deciding what to prepare for their next dinner party – and now they’re serving true culinary greats.

It is a shame that neither could muster the courage to address the debilitating and awkward tension between them, and – mark my words – this was the sole reason they blew it. We know they can cook – that isn’t even a factor anymore, it’s a given. As talented as the women are, the men could have smoked them in this particular challenge, had they possessed solidarity.

We saw a lot of great things from Frank in this competition, but plating that embarrassment of a dessert wasn’t one of them. Looking back, I’m certain we eliminated the right person. Frank seemed to have run out of steam – defeat was all over his face. I’m not saying he didn’t care, but perhaps he just didn’t have it in him anymore. Even hearing Josh receive a compliment from Daniel was something he couldn’t seem to stomach. And that’s not really the Frank we know.

Yet, overall he should be damn proud of his performance in this competition. Coming in fourth out of thousands is honorable, indeed. And with his head for business, I do not think we’ve seen the last of him.

The ladies really were the “dream team” in terms of exemplifying what it means to be a unit. Playing on each other’s strengths, they remained pretty cool up until Becky’s plating disaster. How does someone that competent end doing something so stupid? Becky, you owe Daniel a rice cake, STAT.

Two episodes left – and three home cooks to go! Becky and Christine seem cozy now, but I think all bets are off as we head into part one of the final next week. Tune in and thanks for reading!

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