Celebrities Who've Won 'The Masked Singer'

These fan-favorite stars have earned the coveted Golden Mask on the popular singing competition

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Season 7: Teyana Taylor

The Masked Singer
Fox; Jamie McCarthy/Getty

The singer and dancer popped out under the Firefly mask to collect the Golden Mask trophy on the May 18, 2022, finale.

"I was like, this would be something really nice to do to just be able to just sing and be fun again and it's just like no judgment," Taylor, who'd previously announced her retirement from music, said of why she came on the show. "Nobody knows who's behind the mask and just sing your heart out."

Taylor's husband, NBA star Iman Shumpert, won the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, so she joked of the Golden Mask, "I gotta put this next to the Mirrorball."

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Season 6: Jewel

MASKED SINGER: Queen Of Hearts;
FOX; Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

After winning the Group B finals, Queen of Hearts, unmasked as Jewel, beat out Bull (Todrick Hall) on the Dec. 15, 2021, Masked Singer season 6 finale. She later told PEOPLE she found the show to be an opportunity to show off the "technical" side of her voice.

"I have never written songs that show my technical ability as a vocalist, which is weird. I don't know why. I'm just more of a storyteller and never felt the need to really show off technically," she shared. "But this show is all about technical ability and heart. And so, for me, that was really fun to push myself, to sing songs I've admired since I was a little girl, songs that made me want to be a singer."

She also credited the show's schedule with giving her flexibility as a single mom.

"It's very hard for female musicians to be moms," she said. "It's not an industry that's very kind to moms. We're always on the road, we're touring, we're promoting. But an opportunity like this, it's so high profile, so public, but doesn't take a lot of time is a really perfect fit for somebody like me."

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Season 5: Nick Lachey

The Masked Singer -- Piglet -- Nick Lachey
Michael Becker/FOX; Paul Archuleta/Getty

The 98 Degrees member won as Piglet and shared that he went on the show for his kids, sons Camden and Phoenix and daughter Brooklyn.

"Daddy's coming home with a little hardware!" Lachey said as he was crowned the winner of season 5.

The star may have fooled the judges during his time on the show, but his kids knew right away that their dad was disguised as Piglet.

"We watched the premiere episode together and I was holding Brooklyn and I think I got two or three notes out of my mouth and she pointed to me, she goes, 'Daddy,' " Lachey told PEOPLE following the season 5 finale. "They recognized my voice immediately."

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Season 4: LeAnn Rimes

Sun and Leann Rimes
Sun; LeAnn Rimes. Michael Becker/FOX; Paul Archuleta/Getty

The fourth installment of the show ended with the Grammy winner on top. Rimes, who was disguised as the Sun, later talked about how her experience wasn't what she expected.

"This has been an overwhelming experience," Rimes said. "I didn't expect this to be this much work. I have to say. I was thinking like, I'll come on, this will be easy. This will be fun. And it was a blast."

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Season 3: Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss
David Livingston/Getty; FOX

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star made history as the first female winner of the competition. She couldn't help but shriek when host Nick Cannon noted her achievement as Night Angel.

"For a long time, I really stopped singing by myself because you get negative feedback and so it kind of messes with your head," Burruss told the judges after removing her purple mask. "But thank you. So I had really stopped. And I just really appreciate you guys for helping me build my confidence back."

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Season 2: Wanye Brady

Wayne Brady, Masked Singer Fox
Wayne Brady is the Fox. Theo Wargo/Getty; Michael Becker/FOX

The Let's Make a Deal host and former Hamilton star had a hard time keeping his secret as the Fox from host Nick Cannon, but when he won, he let everyone know how much fun he had on the show.

"I wanted to tell you so much," Brady told Cannon after being the last celebrity revealed on season 2.

"This has been the coolest, most amazing, most touching, most challenging weirdest, this is the weirdest — and I host Let's Make a Deal," said Brady, who denied earlier in his season to PEOPLE that he was Thingamajig. "But really, I'm going to take this with me forever."

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Season 1: T-Pain

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Michael Becker / FOX

The Grammy winner set the tone for all winners when he won the very first season of the competition. He beat out the Bee (Gladys Knight) and Peacock (Donny Osmond) before taking home the Golden Mask.

"I didn't have a chance to come into the game with my natural voice and a lot of my peers did and they get accepted. This helped me get my voice out there," T-Pain said of why he chose to be on the show.

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