YouTube comedian Miranda Sings guest-stars

Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

If our family games of Pictionary go this well during the upcoming holiday season, we’ll be pretty pleased.

Jimmy Fallon had Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and YouTube comedian Miranda Sings as guests on The Tonight Show Monday, and he wrangled them all into one massive game of comic Pictionary. (Important note: Miranda is behaving this way on purpose.)

Everything goes about as well as you’d expect: Seinfeld lapses into his classic exasperated voice during Miranda’s turn (which Fallon enjoys imitating at every opportunity), Short gesticulates frantically, and thankfully, no one comes to blows.

The whole thing is pretty awkward, as far as televised games of Pictionary go: Half of it is due to Miranda, whose entire act is basically designed to grind interactions like this to a screeching halt. But Seinfeld and Short don’t help much, either: Towards the end of the act, Fallon proposes they both draw at once, which Seinfeld sarcastically describes as a “big finish.”

“As opposed to the big beginning and middle,” Short chimes in.

It’s the most wonderful trainwrecked game of Pictionary you’ll see this holiday season – until your own in a few weeks!