It’s no secret that Martha Stewart can whip up a surprise in her studio kitchen but on today’s episode of her talk show, the domestic diva revealed a truly shocking bit of Martha trivia. While interviewing Anahad O’Connor, author of Never Shower in a Thunderstorm: Surprising Facts and Misleading Myths About Our Health and the World We Live In, Martha asked him about old wives tales such as the notions that cutting your hair makes it grow back thicker and eating carrots will improve your eyesight (both are fiction) as well as, the one in the book’s title. But Martha already knew about lightning, because, she revealed, she’s been struck twice! And you won’t believe where. Martha was struck once while washing dishes and then struck again while lying in a “big brass bed.” By the look on her guest’s face, he’s stunned as we are.

Tell us: Have you ever been struck by lightning?