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November 11, 2009 12:45 PM

What do you get when you bring domestic doyenne Martha Stewart and queen of quick meals Rachael Ray together? A lot of dishy conversation – but no actual food.

At least that’s what happened when Stewart made her first ever appearance on the Rachael Ray Show for an episode airing Thursday. The two TV chefs stayed out of the kitchen during the hour-long taping on Nov. 10, and instead sat down for a revealing chat about food, family and fame.

“I would have been hugely nervous had we gone into the kitchen together,” Ray told PEOPLE after the taping. “I didn’t know what to expect so I was nervous with anticipation.”

And Stewart didn’t disappoint: She dished about her love of rap music, chastised Ray for not being on Twitter and shared a special memento from her time in prison for lying to investigators and obstructing justice during an insider trading investigation six years ago.

“In prison – I went to prison by the way,” Stewart quipped, “I took pottery because that’s one of the things that keeps you busy at night.” She then went on to describe the Nativity scene she made while behind bars. “I have it out now for Christmas and it is the most beautiful thing.”

Ray later raved about Stewart’s willingness to discuss her past. “Painting ceramics in prison … I was not going to ever bring it up. She brings it up herself and knocks it out of the ballpark,” said Ray. “She killed it. We’ve done 600 episodes and she’s definitely in the top 10 guests of all time. She was hysterical.”

Now, Ray is nervous about her own visit to Stewart’s set, which will happen on Friday Nov., 13. “I have to be entertaining when I go to her show. How am I going to top her?” says an anxious Ray.

At least this time, the two cooks will actually make it to the kitchen. “She’s going to show me how to make a pie,” says Ray. “I’m terrible at baking and thrilled to be invited.”

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