'Married at First Sight' Is Back! Meet the Season 5 Cast Members

Married at First Sight season 5 premieres April 20

Get ready to take love at first sight to another level.

Lifetime’s hit social experiment show Married at First Sight in which six singles get married to a complete stranger the moment they first meet walking down the aisle — is headed to Chicago for season 5, and PEOPLE has the exclusive First Look at the new cast.

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This season, the matches were created by sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson and communication and relationship expert Rachel DeAlto.


Anthony D'Amico
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A sales and marketing professional, D’Amico, 33, grew up in Detroit with a traditional Italian family before moving to Chicago. His parents had a whirlwind relationship — they divorced when he was an infant, got back together and then divorced for the final time in 2010. D’Amico’s longest relationship lasted a little over three years, but he’s ready for marriage and can’t wait to have a life-long companionship and children with his future wife.


Ashley Petta
Dee Perez

Petta’s last serious relationship ended after her boyfriend was unwilling to commit or start a family with her, but the 30-year-old restaurant manager is still hopeful to find a successful and loving relationship like her parents have. After being single for the past two years, Petta has decided to put her faith in the experts to find a man who shares her same desire to start a family.


Cody Knapek
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Knapek grew up in a small town in Chicago, and his parents divorced when he was a teen. The 26-year-old entrepreneur feels that all that is missing from his life is someone who he can spend it with. He hopes to find a woman who has a great personality, loves to laugh and is empathetic.


Danielle DeGroot
Dee Perez

Passionate about her career, DeGroot, 30, is a dietician who currently works with dialysis patients. She hopes to find an intelligent partner who has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to take on a more masculine role in the relationship. Frustrated with dating apps and the current dating scene in Chicago, she’s in a great place in her life and is ready to settle down.


Nate Duhon
Dee Perez

Born in Michigan, Duhon, 26, was raised by his mother and credits her for the love and respect he has for all women. The business manager played basketball his entire life and is looking for a partner who shares his same religious values and is willing to attend church with him. He feels that he’s mature for his age and is ready to trust the show’s experts to find a woman he can build a life and future with.


Sheila Downs
Kinetic Content

Career-focused, family-oriented and looking for someone who can be her equal, Downs is a director of operations for a local school district in Chicago. The 31-year-old has her parents — who are still together — as models of a marriage to strive for. A devout Christian, religion plays an important role in Downs’ life and she does not want to marry a man outside her faith.

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The matchmaking special of Married at First Sight (which is produced by Kinetic Content) airs April 20 at 8 p.m. ET, and the season 5 premiere follows at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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