'Married at First Sight' 's Lillian Vilchez: Why She Was So Nervous About Husband Tom Wilson's Birthday

The newlywed blogs exclusively about throwing her new husband a surprise birthday party


After her last relationship left her with a broken heart, Lillian Vilchez focused on her career, but the real estate agent is now ready to find lasting love with Tom Wilson, a yacht interior specialist, on Married at First Sight (a social experiment show where couples meet for the first time on their wedding day). The newlyweds are alternating each week blogging exclusively about the ups and downs of marriage for PEOPLE. Check back after every episode and follow them on Twitter: @Lillian_MAFS and @Tom_MAFS!

It’s Tuesday again!!! Where do I begin? Hmm… it’s Tom’s 29th birthday! I LOVE birthdays or any special celebration for that matter and have always been the type of person to make my loved ones feel special and loved on their special day. And Tom’s b-day is no exception. I know Tom isn’t expecting anything from me since we have only been together for such a short amount of time, but he is my husband and hopefully this is the first birthday of many that we will celebrate together – and I want to make it special and memorable for him. I want him to see that, even though we have only been married for three weeks, he is a special person in my life and even though I am not “in love” just yet, I care for him deeply and can see myself growing in love with my husband.

So, for the big day, I decided to reach out to his brother, Jeremy, to see if he was available to fly down from Colorado to surprise Tom. I had also reached out to his other brother and sister, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it, so I was really glad and relieved when Jeremy said he was available and would be more than happy to come. I have such a deep respect for Jeremy that words cannot describe. He is the eldest of the four siblings and was a big paternal figure in Tom’s life. He has been a very big influence on the man Tom is today. I have been able to see the amazing fatherly, loving soul he is and I am so grateful to be able to say he is now part of my family. And I’m so glad that he will be coming to celebrate Tom’s b-day.

But keeping the secret from Tom was pretty darn difficult! I am a terrible liar and I had to lie to Tom for days so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise of his brother’s arrival. I would have to sneak around to make phone calls and hide my texts so he wouldn’t see what I was planning. Even the night before Jeremy got to Miami, cleaning the house became a mission! Tom has never been so difficult to work with! LOL. He was acting like a little kid that didn’t want to help with chores. I almost wanted to say, “Hey Tommy, we are cleaning and changing the sheets because your brother is coming, now shush your mouth and stop complaining.”

Then, I became a bit nervous. I started feeling like he was suspecting something was up because he was also asking me a lot of questions about work, which he usually doesn’t do. I told him I had to work the next day and show some condos and he started to ask: “Where are they? How many bedrooms? Are they close to the beach? Do they have a view? What’s the square footage?” and so on. I started to get a little overwhelmed because I couldn’t remember half of my responses and didn’t want to get caught in a lie and have to tell him what was really going on. But thankfully, he stopped… until the next morning when I made him a birthday breakfast and he started to ask me about “the condos” again!

In my head, I was like “Oh crap! What did I even say last night?!” But I just kept my answers short and simple and raced out of the house before he started asking more questions. When I picked Jeremy up, we were both so excited to see Tom’s reaction when he realized what was happening. So we quietly stepped into the house and found Tom sitting on the back porch and his expression when he laid eyes on Jeremy was PRICELESS!!! His happiness and gigantic smile are the reasons why I do these things. It warms my heart to know that I can have such special moments with my husband and make him feel special. He deserves it.

The rest of the day was even more amazing. We threw a little birthday party, had some BBQ action going on, friends and family came over and we spent time bonding. It’s important to me that our families and friends can all get together, laugh and tell each other stories about our childhood. Sharing fun anecdotes and getting to know each other as a group is what I feel really makes for a stronger bond and a nice foundation.

I think the highlight of the night was my sister’s b-day present to Tom: a piñata stuffed with candy and tiny liquor bottles of vodka, whiskey and tequila! Talk about a grown-up piñata! I, of course, broke the piñata and indulged in some adult beverages and candy, haha! Then, it was time for cake! Jeremy had mentioned that Tom likes chocolate cake, so chocolate cake he received! Then, we sang “Happy Birthday” and sat around the fire pit laughing and having fun for the rest of the night.

My goal was to make this day all about Tom and to see him happy. I wanted him to feel extra special and to know that so many people want to celebrate his life with him and to see him smile. I want our marriage to always be filled with joy and happiness and I will continue to make him feel special and loved. And yes, marriage is constant hard work but it should also be fun and filled with amazing moments like this day, and I can’t wait to have many more like this.

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