In the clip, Olivia breaks down after coming home to an empty apartment

Tensions are rising on season 11 of Married at First Sight.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's episode, newlyweds Brett and Olivia find themselves at a crossroads after being stuck at home for weeks in New Orleans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I'm kind of struggling with our relationship," she admits as footage rolls of them silently spending time in their living room. "I feel like we're kind of in a stagnant place right now, and I can't say that I know much more about him now than I did three or four weeks ago."

"I don't know. I'm trying to stay positive," she adds. "It's just a weird time here, it's a weird time in the city."

She decides to take a trip to visit her mom, sending Brett into a spiral.

"I still think it's such a bad idea to be traveling any kind of long distances," he tells the camera as he self-films once she's gone. "We're still, obviously, under the stay-at-home order. Decision day was supposed to be this week, but [coronavirus] delayed everything. It could be months before we finish, I don't know. But I can't keep putting my life on hold anymore, so I'm moving back into my house."

With that, he packs up his things and leaves. When Olivia returns to an empty apartment, she's shocked.

"He took most of the food out of the cabinet, there's no food in the fridge. Like, he took everything," she says. "I chose to go check in on my family. Didn't leave on bad terms. Told him, 'Hey, you could come with me.' He was like, 'No, somebody's got to take care of the cats.' So I'm just sitting here in an empty apartment now."

Credit: Julie Verlinden Photography

Brett, 35, was born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana, and works in IT. He went into the Married at First Sight experience with an open mind since he believes, historically, that arranged marriages have been the primary means of matchmaking for the vast majority of human history.

Olivia, 30, was born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana, and recently moved to New Orleans for a position with a comprehensive stroke center. Having worked hard in her career, Olivia came into the experience ready to dedicate the same time and effort to a relationship.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

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