PEOPLE recaps the night's biggest moments from the social experiment show's emotional reunion

While Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino’s nasty split has been front and center this week, Married at First Sight‘s reunion special was an emotional roller coaster for all three couples.

PEOPLE breaks down the night’s biggest moments from Tuesday night’s dramatic reunion special, which included tearful apologies, cheating allegations and much more.

1. The Universe Is Against Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar

No, really, it is. Just minutes into the reunion, as Kullar is stressing to the night’s host, Kevin Frazier, how much of a phony she thinks her husband is, a photo of the couple – who decided to go their separate ways in the finale last week – falls off the wall behind her and crashes onto the floor (it happens again once Varricchio joins her on the couch). “He is a liar, and I saw it,” an angry Kullar told Frazier. “I saw many lies that were said.” Varricchio, with tears welling in his eyes, tries to apologize for the way things turned out, but Kullar rejects him with a curt laugh, saying “I don’t believe it.” After revealing they spent only “probably 10” nights together in their six weeks on the show, the former spouses shared the briefest of hugs – a completely cringe-worthy attempt at civility.

2. Jessica Accuses Ryan of Cheating

Well, that’s one way to get back at an ex! Castro stepped out onto the stage showing off her curves in a form-fitting green dress. Asked why she decided to stay married to her husband on the finale, the receptionist – who currently has a restraining order against De Nino – told Frazier she “really wanted to get the Ryan that I got at the wedding ’cause he was very loving and caring and hands-on.” Instead, De Nino apparently refused to move in with her after the show wrapped and failed to make Valentine’s Day plans with her. “I didn’t see him – not a card, not a nothin’,” she told Frazier. “A few weeks later, I find a Valentine’s Day card from another female in his apartment.” Once De Nino joined her on the couch, he attempted to apologize for his actions, but ended up calling her an “actress,” adding that “it just didn’t work out.” Not one to back down any more, Castro quickly snapped back, ” ‘Cause Ryan was trying to make it work with someone else. That’s why it didn’t work.” After some very heated back and forth about De Nino’s grandmother, a broken watch and who exactly turned down whom on Valentine’s Day, the duo viewed a video from their wedding day, which Castro called the “happiest day of my life.”

3. The $100 Conundrum Returns

One of the biggest blowups Castro and De Nino had on the show this season was over a $100 bill she accused him of taking from their wedding money. As soon as Frazier brought up the topic, De Nino switched into defense mode, asking, “Why do you guys need to do this?” He accused Castro of calling him a “degenerate gambler” while trying to explain to Frazier that he had gotten the $100 out of the ATM earlier in the day. Castro – looking pretty pleased with herself – whipped out a $100 bill and offered it to her estranged husband, saying, “He needs it more than I do.” De Nino stormed off stage and the experts chastised Castro for deliberately embarrassing and demeaning him. “Ryan takes advantage of people and I’m done,” she said. “It’s not fair. I really, really wanted to give it my all until I couldn’t give it my all anymore.”

4. Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen Break Our Hearts

Winning over viewers this season with their sweet relationship, Methuen and Ranellone appeared to be the most cordial of the three couples but revealed they have also called it quits. “He’s definitely very personable,” Methuen told Frazier, singling out what she likes about Ranellone. “He can talk to anyone. That means a lot to me. He really made me laugh. We share similar senses of humor.” So what’s the problem exactly? Apparently, Ranellone’s just not that into it – for which he fully took responsibility. “After the process had ended, obviously it takes effort, and I’m guilty of not making a tremendous effort in trying to make it work,” he said. Methuen, admittedly still hurt by Ranellone’s rejection, tried to put on a happy face while Frazier and the show’s four experts – Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Joseph Cilona, Greg Epstein and Dr. Logan Levkoff – pushed the two to give love another chance. “If I could earn your respect back, I’d be a happy man,” Ranellone told Methuen. “Let’s just give it a shot.” The two shared a long hug and headed backstage together, filling “romanticals” everywhere with hope for the cute couple. Unfortunately, a close Methuen pal tells PEOPLE exclusively the two “have completely cut ties” and never even made it to their post-reunion dinner date/romantic weekend together.

5. A Sisterhood Has Been Created

The six participants were back on stage (all together for the first time) sitting with their respective ex-partners, and everyone was looking pretty uncomfortable (somehow Castro and De Nino managed to endure a quick hug and kiss at the urging of Frazier). The marriages might not have worked out, but the ladies have indeed found their perfect matches in each other. Castro, Methuen and Kullar even have matching necklaces to show their unbreakable bond. “It’s good to be able to have a special bond with these women,” says Castro.

Married at First Sight‘s reunion wraps up Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.